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Our vision is to see urban poor people, churches, communities and cities integrally transformed, renewed with hope and equipped to promote human transformation, seek justice and witness to the good news of God’s Shalom.

Story & Mission

Learn about the journey and purpose of Urban Mosaic.

The work of Urban Mosaic was birthed in the summer of 2006, though its vision and mission were in the making since...


Our Team

Meet the dynamic team behind our movement for urban transformation.

Urban Mosaic is an international team with a predominantly Mexican staff. It's led by an executive team made up of...

What Inspires Us

Read about the beliefs and values that drive us to do this work.

We believe in a God who seeks city transformation much more than we ever can or will...

Our Partners

Meet the diverse network of partners who make this work possible.

Partnerships are a critical part of addressing the complex challenges of global urban poverty. We work with...


See how we leverage resources for maximum impact.

Urban Mosaic effectively leverages a modest budget to create maximum impact. Through our network of international partners and donors, we are impacting over 10,000 individuals annually with a budget of just...