What We Do and How We Do It

In light of the pressing reality of global urban poverty, we have developed a change model that seeks to bring lasting, integral transformation to urban poor communities. 



Theory of Change



Many organizations use a piecemeal approach to addressing poverty because they lack a clear definition of poverty. In our case, our change model is founded in five core beliefs about the nature of urban poverty.

With a clear definition of the challenge and a theory of transformational change, we have developed the necessary interventions in five key focus areas to see this change take place.

The core that drives our five focus areas is developing local leaders. This allows us to work towards sustainable, long-lasting, scalable transformation in each of the areas described below. 


Our Change Process

Transformation doesn't happen overnight. Our change model unfolds in five phases and responds directly to five of the core beliefs about urban poverty using the interventions described below. This reproducible model is adaptable to the assets and challenges of each unique community and is built upon our core value of developing local leaders. At any given time, we are at work in multiple communities which may be in different phases of this process.

Check out our video that describes the full change model in action.



Our Change Initiatives

In order to see true transformation take place, our holistic method employs a variety of initiatives aimed at addressing the roots of urban poverty. When working in concert, these initiatives catalyze the beginnings of long term community transformation. 

Combining the best practices of churches, businesses and nonprofits, we adapt our change model to the needs and interests of each community in which we work.

Below, read more about our specific projects and how they work toward the integral transformation of urban poor communities.