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You’ve come to visit and now you want to share your experience with friends and family, but how?

Check our our new VR Experience page where you can use your Urban Mosaic VR Goggles to help others visualize the places where you served and worked.


You can also download the Google Streetview app (Android | IOS). Here, you can click around by entering addresses or points of interest and click the mask icon to display it through your VR Goggles. Look up “Mosaico Urbano” in the map and you can view points close to our office.

Setting up your vr goggles

  1. Grab your VR Goggles and your phone. Open this video in the YouTube App on your phone.

VR Goggles

2. Look for the icon that looks like a mask. Click on that icon on any 360 youtube video to make it compatible with your VR Goggles.


3. Insert your phone into the VR Goggles.


4. Adjust the placement of your phone until the white line is perfectly centered.


5. Enjoy!