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With many years of experience at the front-lines of urban ministry, cross-cultural engagement and combating poverty and corruption, our leaders have gained valuable insights on the intersection of theology, missions, church growth, emotionally healthy spirituality, social change, economic development, engaging the powers, strategic leadership and city transformation. Request one of our dynamic speakers to speak at a conference, public event or lead a workshop or retreat in your community or church. You can be the one to spark great change by having the Urban Mosaic message shared in your area! 

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“Looking at the problems that faced the people and children in Mexico City I felt quite desperate, but after Jean-Luc’s sermon, I felt hopeful, encouraged!  His passion and commitment to Urban Mosaic is inspiring and stirred something in me to want to do more, be more, and to serve more.”   - K.B.
"Going through the "God's Transforming Story" completely changed my perspective on the Bible, its message for today, the church's role and my own calling as a follower of Jesus. It re-energized my faith, re-ignited my passion, and compelled me to play my part in the Story of God with his world." - CR
"Learning about poverty and city transformation completely re-shaped my understanding of mission. Connecting my own spiritual poverty and lost-ness to the poverty and lost-ness of many urban dwellers made me realize that evangelism goes far beyond bringing individuals to Jesus, but includes changing systems and structures that mar the image of God in the "other"."  - SS

JEan-Luc Krieg, MBA/mdiv

Jean-Luc, born and raised in Ivory Coast, West Africa, and of Swiss-German descent, is executive director of Urban Mosaic. He is a dynamic speaker and thought-provoking teacher who loves bridging the world of theology and contemporary issues. With his unique perspective of having lived in different continents and among different cultures, he enjoys getting people to wrestle with the Biblical text, their own faith and how it can make a real difference in the here and now. Subjects he enjoys speaking, teaching and leading workshops/retreats on, include: God's Transforming Story - Understanding the Biblical Narrative; City Transformation; What is Poverty?; The Integral Mission of the Church; Transforming Discipleship; Urban Church Planting and Revitalization; Social Change and Justice; Urban Spirituality;  Engaging the Halls of Power; Emotional Health and Resiliency in Leadership; Holistic Ministry; Embracing the "Other"; Finding your Mission in Life; Non-Toxic Philanthropy; etc... 

Oscar Reyes Garcia

Lic. Oscar Ruben García Reyes, born and raised in Mexico City, is Urban Mosaic's Deputy Director. For the past 19 years, Oscar has worked as social worker and project manager with different non-governmental organizations. He was involved in the anti-trafficking and child prostitution prevention program of Fundación Casa Alianza and was the Community Development Operations Manager of AMEXTRA in east Mexico City, impacting 3,000 urban poor families and mobilizing 12 local churches to serve their neihgborhoods. Oscar holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the Mexico-City based Escuela Nacional de Antropología, with a specialization in 'anthropology of poverty'. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Responsability and has participated in additional academic course work in the areas of community development and citizenship.