Reproduce and Multiply Holistic Solutions

Our model focuses on drawing on the unique assets of each community, rather than its needs, so that we can adapt and scale the model in different environments. The ability to scale promising solutions hinges on our ability to develop local leaders. Without local participation in decision making, lasting change will not occur. 


As we begin implementing the change model in new communities, we see transformation happening through...

Healthy reproduction

  • Change Model: Reproduction of our change model in two additional slum communities, for a total of three cities
  • Coalition Building: Founding of Coalition for Peace and Justice, an umbrella organization for churches in five municipalities on the eastern region of Mexico City committed to seeing holistic change in their region
  • Partnerships: Partnerships established for collaoration and scaling of the change model with two elite universities (UNAM and Monterrey Institute of Technology), Habitat for Humanity, World Vision and Mexico United Against Delinquency