Defining Transformation

The word 'transformation' is thrown around a great deal these days. But what does holistic transformation actually look like?

Single-issue interventions may produce impressive results in their focus area, but seldom allow an entire community to experience lasting change unless their impact is leveraged alongside other interventions.

At Urban Mosaic, we measure "transformation" as the growing presence of ten signs of transformation that visibly affect the circumstances of individuals, communities, systems and local cultures.. Our five focus areas work together to address each of these signs. Through our experience, we recognize that communities only begin experiencing lasting change when several of these signs work in concert to help the community gain the critical momentum necessary to sustain change.

Read our paper, The Goal of Transformation, to learn about the ten signs of transformation that we use to measure our impact.

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Impact Highlights

We see the presence of our ten signs of transformation across our five focus areas.

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