Our story

The work of Urban Mosaic was birthed in the summer of 2006, though its vision and mission were in the making since 1991. It took 15 years to refine, shape and grow the idea from the time Urban Mosaic’s founder, Jean-Luc Krieg, conceived the idea.

In 2006, together with his wife, Shabrae, and our first team of four people, hailing from Zimbabwe, Switzerland and the U.S., they brought Urban Mosaic to life in a slum community of Chimalhuacan.

The early years were concentrated on research, building intentional relationships, and engaging in hundreds of one-on-one conversations that eventually resulted in small citizen committees who in turn carried out different community improvement projects.

Over the course of the last 10 years, we have grown our organization and its impact. Our holistic model of urban transformation is being implemented in three communities, and our broad-based coalitions are impacting five municipalities in the Eastern region of Mexico City. Every year, our work benefits the lives of over 10,000 slum dwellers.

Check out our video and report below and join us in celebrating 10 years of transformation in urban slums.

10 Year Anniversary Video & Progress Report