Flatirons Community Church has been a key partner to Urban Mosaic since 2011.

Together, we have seen communities and lives transformed in ways that we never imagined. In 2014, Pastor Jim came to lay the first stone in our Community Center in San Jose Las Palmas, and in 2018, he returned with a team to see that same Community Center come to life with activity. We have also had the privilege of working with teams almost every summer to lead our Summer Kids' Clubs. 


You can get involved!

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There are several ways you can personally connect with us.


SAVE THE DATE: Annual Family & Friends Reunion

Join us on September 8, 2018 from 12-3pm for our Annual Family & Friends Reunion as we celebrate together with food, drinks, games for kids & hear more about how Flatirons, together with Urban Mosaic, is transforming more lives this year!.