Urban Mosaic effectively leverages a modest budget to create maximum impact. Through our network of international partners and donors, we are impacting over 10,000 individuals annually with a budget of just over $250,000.

In addition, we multiply the impact of every dollar! For every $1.00 donated, we leverage $1.83 in local resources through in-kind donations of labor, goods, and services.

Imagine what we could do in Mexico City and beyond if we quadrupled our budget over the next ten years. Not only would we be able to impact more people and urban poor communities ourselves, but it would increase our capacity to come alongside other organizations, churches, mission agencies and nonprofit organizations, helping them adapt and reproduce our change model in other major cities. As a result, hundreds of thousands of urban slum dwellers could experience lasting change in their lives.


Urban Mosaic Funding

how we are funded

The work of Urban Mosaic is funded through a mix of personal donations, partnerships, grants, and program generated revenue. We are excited to continue diversifying our funding streams and connecting with new partners in our work.