Strengthen Faith Communities

Many slum-dwellers, due to pain and trauma, often do not have hope that real change is possible. Spiritual transformation is key for them to gain hope, boost their self-esteem and to adopt new life values. Changing the way they see the world and themselves is crucial to overcoming the hopelessness that can result from urban poverty.

Churches that understand their purpose are God's principal instrument to bring about transformation. We believe that healthy and holistic local churches with a vision for community transformation are vital in bringing about long-term sustainable change.

As we Strengthen Faith Communities, we see transformation happening through the following signs:


Jesus Communities

Transformation looks like...reproducing, missional communities of people who follow Jesus.

  • Churches/Small Groups: Planting 7 house churches and 11 home bible studies
  • Training: 13 church pastors and over 50 church leaders trained in holistic ministry and theology
  • Network: Coaching 30+ churches that are active in the Coalition for Peace and Justice, impacting over 10,000 urban poor neighbors through missional projects

mental freedom

Transformation looks like...increased spiritual and emotional health and freedom from destructive patterns.

  • Emotional Recovery Self-Help Groups: A total of 130 community members participated in our gruposVIDA (life groups) pilot project, increasing their hope and self-confidence.