"Come and See" Weekend

There’s nothing quite like seeing the transformation in people’s lives and neighborhoods up close.  We invite you to come to Mexico City for an extended weekend to personally get to know Urban Mosaic’s work among the urban poor. Our hope is that this educational trip of discovery and encounter can deepen your understanding of the situation in which urban slum dwellers live and Urban Mosaic’s approach to bring about change.


What to expect

  • Learn - You will have the opportunity to learn about our change model that focuses on peoples’ empowerment and how we work together with local leaders to bring about change.

  • See - You will have the opportunity to walk the streets of urban poor communities with us; visually grasping the reality of urban slums. You will also be able to observe Urban Mosaic’s projects and meet with community members and project beneficiaries.

  • Reflect - You will be exposed to a line of theological reflection that seeks to address the challenge of poverty and urban slums from a biblical perspective.

  • Plan - You will be able to brainstorm with our staff to dream and begin plans for potential partnerships with yourself and/ or your church or organization that will promote transformation among the urban poor as well as in you and your church.



WHO should attend


A "Come and See" Weekend may be a great next step if you are a...

  • Representative of a local church or organization, who has a heart for transformational mission among the urban poor and who would be able to share their passion and learning with other members of their church or organization.

  • Individual interested in deepening their understanding of the challenge of urban slums, while seeking to learn of concrete solutions, and exploring ways to become personally involved.


Schedule & Costs


Interested in joining us? Contact info@urbanmosaic.net with questions or complete this form to register for an upcoming trip..

2019 Dates: 

  • May 10-12

  • November 8-10

General Schedule: Arrive on Friday afternoon before 4:00pm and depart on Sunday afternoon after 1:00pm.

Cost: $150 USD/person (excluding flight ticket to and from Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City). This includes 3 meals a day, transportation and lodging in a comfortable and secure guest house just outside of Mexico City.




“Nothing can replace seeing the city, the neighbors.  Being there gives you a sense of the pulse of the people you are seeking to serve.  This trip is an important first step.  Our trip enhanced our desire to become a partner.”  S.S.