Breaking Barriers - Ana's Story

“Ana” is engaged to be married and just completed Rompiendo Barreras (Breaking Barriers), an inner healing/discipleship class of gruposVIDA. 

Ana’s alcoholic, absent father was unfaithful to her mother and it broke Ana’s heart.  She hadn’t wanted to get married and in recent months has been plagued by doubts and fear of abandonment.  Ana feared that at any moment her fiancé would leave so she began to withdraw, unable to bear having her heart broken again.  But as she completed the class retreat this weekend she said, “I couldn’t understand why I was withdrawing from my fiancé.  But now it is very clear to me how what happened in my life affected me, the lies that I believed.  But now I have experienced God’s healing firmly in my heart.  Though the road ahead is long, I know He is with me and I trust Him.”  Ana is soon to be married and is eager to be trained to lead the discipleship class when she settles into her new home.