A New Family Pattern - Magda's Story

“I want to stop being so angry with my children,” “Magda” shared as her personal goal for the parenting class, Escuela para Padres. 

Growing up in a broken home forged destructive patterns which held Magda fast, despite her best efforts.  Working to build emotional connectedness with her children, she was ready for change the day her son broke a glass of milk in his bedroom.  “Let’s clean this up,” Magda said as she knelt beside her son with the mop.  Shocked by the absence of mom’s explosive anger, Magda’s son was also uncharacteristically repentant.  In place of a defense, he cried, “I’m so sorry for disobeying you, mom.  I won’t do it again!”  Magda beamed with pride as she retold the story in class at the end of the week, the beginning of a new pattern of change in the life of her family.