Letting Your Light Shine - Mina's Story

It was nearly a year ago that a local “bully” cut his neighbors’ power wires in anger because they refused to pay him to access the public electricity.  

Two months later, dozens of police swarmed an adjoining slum community, forcibly evicting residents not holding title to their plots.  And yet still, Urban Mosaic's core group in San José Las Palmas gathered to cast vision for the months ahead.  "We've seen great change and believe God has plans for even more," said “Mina”.  She and her neighbors had just completed a walk through the community holding candles, a visible affirmation that no person or circumstance would dim their “light.”  Seeing their resilience is such a beautiful testament to the tireless efforts of our Community Workers, building trust and stamina in residents so that in time their dreams might become realities.