“¿Dónde está el baño?”

For any traveler, the first phrase on your language flashcards is “Where is the bathroom?" Why? Because as humans, we hope to have access to clean and functional restrooms when we need them.

Unfortunately, for thousands of children in Los Reyes, La Paz, México, something as simple as a reliable and usable restroom at their public schools is not always a given. While the United Nations recommends 1 toilet for every 25 students in a school, many of these schools have only 1 toilet for every 100 students, and even those are not always in service.

We believe children deserve to have access to adequate sanitary infrastructure - restrooms, wash stations, plumbing - so that they can stay healthy, stay in school and live with dignity.

Join us this summer for Project Baño where we will work together with 12 schools to improve the conditions of their restrooms and wash stations to impact 7,000 kids!

HELP US TRANSFORM THESE BATHROOMS to better the lives of 7,000 children