See First Hand What God Is Doing

There’s nothing quite like seeing the transformation in people’s lives and neighborhoods up close.  And with frequent low airfares to Mexico, why not come for an extended weekend?  Arrive at our guesthouse and enjoy the restful atmosphere and authentic Mexican cuisine.  Then come and spend a day with us seeing what’s happening in the urban slums. 

Contact for upcoming dates and information!


What to expect

Here are some highlights of the experience:

  • Hear how our theory and theology of urban transformation is put into practice
  • Listen to personal stories of community members living transformed lives
  • Meet our community workers who work tirelessly to build trust, inspiring residents to dream dreams that they’ll work out into achievements shared by all
  • Watch discipleship in action as you participate with people learning and putting biblical truths into practice
  • Walk among community projects as residents share with pride what they’ve accomplished

In all, it's an experience many say is like no other, as you witness slum residents themselves equipped to lead – and sustain – change in their neighborhoods and cities.



“Nothing can replace seeing the city, the neighbors.  Being there gives you a sense of the pulse of the people you are seeking to serve.  This trip is an important first step.  Our trip enhanced our desire to become a partner.”  S.S.